Saturday, December 31, 2011

Forgot all about this blog

**Note: some, if not most of you, will be offended by things I say here.  Deal with it.**

As I am sitting here, comparing blogging sites (we - Bridget and I - have decided to try doing a blog of our own; a couples' view of local eateries, perhaps) and I landed here, already logged-in.  Let's see, according to this I signed up in March of '10, which would be just over a year-and-a-half ago... I've done worse.

OK - so why am I here?  I suppose it might be good to use as an outlet... for example I've recently decided that my second book (possibly first as who knows if I'll ever get beyond 25-some pages in "Silent Echoes") will be titled "Stoopidity: A Reflection of Post-Aught America".  As title may or may not tell, I am less-than-pleased with the states of the country as we stand, now 10 years and 364 days into the millennium.
As I begin to think more about this, it may begin to sound like some political bashing, some liberal trumpets sounding in the background of a neo-hippie backlash and rally-cry against the "Good 'Ol Party" and the reverse civility and regressive policies that they represent and push.

But now, where to start?  What pisses me off the most about society today? Oh, let me count the ways...

It would seem that while technology may be able to satisfy our basic needs (including and often specifically those needs that we never even knew that we had to begin with), yet will more often than not create more problems than are solved/imagined to have solved.
    • Point 1: Mobile phones & cars.
      • Far be-it for me to deny the mobile wanderers in us all, with smart phones and other mobile technological work-horses for our 'always-connected' lives, but come on... if you're behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, I don't care how big or small, is it more important to start/respond to that call or text or update your FB status rather than watch out for all the other idiots on the road paying no more than barely as much attention as you are?  Every time I am on the road, whether driving or passengering, I am blown away by the number of people (easily 1 out of every 2 or 3 drivers) who insist on carrying on virtual conversations while (theoretically) controlling their vehicle.  The sense of entitlement out there is mind-boggling.
Within the last week or two, the US Department of Transportation has declared that this practice of driving while phoning(/texting) is a bad idea.  Well, according to my calculations, we're about a decade too late on this one.  Had the government been doing what it was supposed to have been doing in the early years of this decade/century/millennium (in the stead of conquering and screwing over foreign lands while forgetting about its' own citizenry and infrastructure), this is likely something they would have noticed and realized that there maybe a problem.

**More Points to come...*

That said, with the New Year fast approaching in a matter of hours, I hope that this year will be more productive. I think that people want to do good, but I think that they need a little hand holding sometimes.  Society needs the help; maybe that's somewhere to start...